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WaBa Grill Locator | Find Healthy Fast Food Near You

At WaBa Grill, we strive to be your favorite on-the-go restaurant option. For more than a decade, WaBa Grill has proudly served our famous rice bowls with fresh, never-frozen chicken, ribeye steak, and Wild Alaskan Salmon. Each of these delicious proteins is covered in our legendary WaBa Sauce, our uniquely created and lovingly prepared take on teriyaki sauce. Each creation is prepared with the goals of having unbeatable taste, uncompromising value, and supporting your healthy lifestyle. WaBa Grill always encourages you to try something new. We are proud of our each of our creations and are constantly innovating to find new offerings that have bold and unique flavors. With each, you can be assured we will never compromise on quality whether it’s a tried and true staple on our menu or one of our unique limited time offers.